Floodlight Maintenance Sydney

Floodlight Maintenance in Sydney

Sports venue floodlight design and installation is a job that very few companies have expertise in. But the other aspect of this job is Floodlight Maintenance in Sydney. Once these lights have been installed on a field or any sports venue, their ongoing maintenance is very important too. This job isn’t one that novices can handled and only a leading company like Sportz Lighting will be able to provide high levels of service in this respect .

We have been in this business for over three decades and in this time have handled a range of projects, big and small, with the highest level of dedication and expertise. Our customers approach us for the actual design and installation and also prefer that we handle the Floodlight Maintenance in Newcastle job for them too and this could include:

One-off Servicing or Cleaning

Often times some clients approach us with requests for one-off maintenance or floodlight systems cleaning services. We provide comprehensive custom solutions based on which features you want us to check and carry out servicing on. This could include checking all the light fittings and the electrical connections, the connecting joints and bolts of the pole structure and all the bulb fittings at the top of the pole; checking the base of the installation to ensure that its foundation is strong etc. At times, certain emergency repair work may be carried out as part of this one-off job and that would be charged on a pro-rata basis.

Contractive Maintenance

Most of our customers opt for this service and we carry out Floodlight Maintenance in Bathurst at regular intervals. Based on the contract, this will be for the pre-decided time frame- in most instances, it’s for a year. You also have the option to renew this periodically, and include amendments if any. These contracts include regular inspections at certain intervals, based on the type of installation you have; at times this may include replacement of certain fittings or elements in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Once you have perused and signed the contract, we maintain detailed records of all the inspections. If our maintenance expert finds any minor fault or even if any small component needs to be replaced, we deal with it during that visit and it saves you additional expenses. We maintain very competitive pricing on all our contracts for Floodlight Maintenance in Wollongong. Even as we do this, we ensure that no corners are cut and that there is no compromise on quality.

We work very closely with our clients as well as in conjunction with various leading civil contractors and have proved our expertise in leading contracts for all types of floodlight installations. We understand that every field and sports ground has different floodlighting requirements and we tailor solutions that are in-line with these needs. We carry out all periodic inspections and maintenance work as well as replacements of any dysfunctional or worn out components.

High Grade Solutions

It is important to carry out regular Floodlight Maintenance in Sydney; it helps ensure that your floodlighting systems continue to provide you trouble-free services. We work with you and design a maintenance schedule that matches the specific characteristics of the system installed on your field. When you want high grade work at very cost-effective price points, you need look no further than Sportz Lighting for all your floodlight maintenance requirements. We also handle all related installation and repair work. For more information about our Floodlight Maintenance in Wollongong services, call us at 02 9757 1964. You can also use this online form to send us your queries and we will revert within the shortest possible time.

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