Design & Installation

Whatever the installation requirements for your project, we’ll handle them. This includes:

  • Engineer design, manufacture and installation of foundations.

We arrange for a Geotechnical Survey and Report to determine the ground conditions.

With the ground conditions determined the engineer will design and certify the appropriate foundation utilizing the most suitable and cost effective foundation for the project, these include piered, pad, screw piled and capped, grout injected, CFA continuous flight auger and star-fins.

Sportz Lighting manufactures and installs the reinforcing steel including placement of concrete and removal of excavated material from site.

Sportz Lighting has the proven experience and specialist knowledge, no matter what the ground conditions are… soft, wet, hard, rock… even former rubbish tips and broken landfill.

  • Assembling masts and headframes.

Sportz Lighting assembles the masts as per the manufacturers requirements, including fitting of cross arms, platforms, ladsafe, and counter weights for mid hinge masts.

The assembled masts are then erected onto their foundations, leveled and grouted to the manufacturers requirements.

  • Fitting and aiming of floodlights.

We fit and wire the luminaires as per the lighting design onto the cross arms, we mount and terminate the control gears at the pole base or pole enclosure to prefabricated cable looms.

Once the fittings have been energized we can then night aim, test and confirm light levels to complete the project.

  • Complete electrical installation, including incoming supply, main switchboard, underground reticulation including control.

Sportz Lighting will design and construct the complete electrical reticulation required for your lighting system to ensure the light levels are maintained.

We can offer various types of control equipment to operate, control and monitor the lighting system from the most basic timer control to radio link, GSM and NextG messaging.

  • Compliance with all appropriate regulatory bodies.

Sportz Lighting will submit load approval and necessary supply authority paper work.

Issue certificates of compliance for electrical and structural requirements.

All works are installed to the Australian Standards and local supply authorities service and installation rules.


We stock and can supply commonly needed parts for all of the leading brands of floodlights including lamps, control gears, ignitors, lamp holders and accessories.

We can also supply floodlights, poles and accessories including foundation bolts, templates and reinforcing cages.

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