Flood Lights in Australia

Any customer who is looking for Flood Lights in Australia knows that they can’t go to just any company. This is a highly specialised field and buying these lights is a significant investment. You need to be sure that the company you approach will be able to provide the kind of products you need and that they will be able to provide maintenance and repair services too. This means you have to zero-in on a company that is experienced, reputed and one that has built credibility in the industry. With all this in view, Sportz Lighting is the one company that will be able to provide all this and more.

With over 30 years of experience behind us, we are the leading company in the Oval Lights space. We cater to customers across Australia and provide excellent products and Flood Light Repair services. Our company provides end-to-end solutions for design, installations and maintenance as well as repair of flood lights for any field or sports ground. Today, we have built a very strong reputation in this space and have a large number of returning customers who trust us to provide them with outstanding services.

 Aspects we consider

When you call us for Flood Light installation, there are a number of factors that are taken into account, such as:

  • The sport that the field is going to be used for- tennis, baseball, soccer or football etc
  • Glare for the spectators as well as the players
  • Lighting of the sponsor signage
  • Energy-efficiency of the lighting on the field
  • Level of competition – professional or amateur
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Multipurpose ground or used for fixed events
  • Sporting Club’s budget
  • Design elements of the installation

Installation of the Football Field Lights 

We are a company that is very particular about the manner in which we handle our work and take extra care to ensure that the installations are perfect in every possible way- the objective is  to make sure that the lighting  conditions are ideal for the players and the spectators. We follow a very methodical approach to our work:

  • Survey the area
  • The installation will and carried out according to the approved design
  • Make sure that high quality features & products are used
  • Excellent workmanship is used
  • The work will be completed within the stipulated time frame
  • All the installation work will be as per the AS 4282-1997 Obtrusive Light & Professional Levels of Play, as well as the AS 2560.2.3-2007 Amateur requirements

 Maintenance of Field Lights 

While excellent installation is crucial, the longevity of the installation depends on how well maintained the flood light installation is.  This will include standard scheduled maintenance and checks of all the installations. It ensures that the field lights as well as all the related installations stay in the best condition and function in a seamless manner. You can choose from options such as: 

  • One-off Cleaning/Servicing- This includes comprehensive checks of the electrical joints, connections, the pole structure and the bolts as well as all the bulb fittings that are affixed to the top of the pole. The base of the installation will be checked to ensure that it has a strong foundation.
  • Contractive Maintenance- This includes a detailed annual maintenance contract- we carry out thorough checks on the civil, structural and electrical components of these installations.

Flood light Repair

In case of any damage to any of the components, we carry out quick and efficient repairs. Only manufacture-approved components are used in the repair work that will be in-line with AS 2560.2.3-2007 Amateur requirements, AS 4282-1997 Obtrusive Light requirements.

For additional information about Field Lights in Australia call Sportz Lighting on this number- 02 9757 1964. Alternatively, this is the online form  you can use to send us your queries. We will respond without delay.

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