Floodlight Installation Sydney

Why It’s Important to Have High Quality Floodlight Installation in Sydney

Floodlight Installation in Sydney is not only for professional sporting venues and large stadiums; it’s also used in various local recreational facilities across the country. So why exactly does good lighting become important in these settings? The answer to that is quite simple. It provides a range of opportunities to maximise income as it allows for optimum use of the facility and greater programming flexibility.

However Floodlight Installation in Newcastle is much more than just setting up large poles that light up the entire filed. It’s a lot about creating the right kind of lighting that helps create enjoyable and safe facilities for the competitors as well as for the spectators. The other important fact is that the lighting and the effect it creates has to be suitable for televised coverage and filming of sports coverage too. We at Sportz Lighting are the experts in this space and very few companies are able to match up to the high level of services we provide.

Floodlight Installation in Australia – Our Work Process

When you call us with your requirements, we follow a very methodical work process:

• Our experts will come over to your location, survey the entire field; the surrounding areas and structures are also mapped
• Boundaries will be noted where any spill lighting may be vital
• We make note of the intended ground use in the present as well as in the future
• Detailed measurements will be taken
• Soil analysis- to determine which footing style will be used for the poles
• We ascertain the availability and capacity of electrical services; this is with reference to potential future expansion.
• We also work closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are
• You will be informed about the different types of solutions as well as the range of products available for floodlighting
• We can design the poles for your specific needs
• Our certified structural engineers design a footing to suit the existing ground conditions as well as the pole loads
• While we are designing the system, alternatives including see-saw poles, climbing safety systems or platforms will all be considered
• With all these aspects in view, we will create a comprehensive design for Floodlight Installation in Wollongong
• The design will be in-line with the AS2560 guidelines for Sports Lighting
• Once you have approved this plan, we will use the best materials and the best personnel in the business to ensure that the work gets completed within the stipulated time frame
• Our onsite supervisors maintain a strict vigil and check the quality of materials coming onto the site. They also ensure that the work is progressing as per the schedule
• The focus is on providing our clients customised solutions that exceed their expectations on all fronts

Factors We Take into Account

The process of Floodlight Installation in Bathurst is quite a complex one and even as we follow a very detailed work process, there are a range of factors that have to be taken into account, such as:

• Minimum lighting levels depending on the sports that are going to be played at that field
• Uniformity of lighting across the entire playing area
• The spill lighting on any adjacent properties
• Glare ratio’s
• Upward lighting pollution
• Efficiency of the available lighting source
• Serviceability of the fitting
• Optimal pole height

Sportz Lighting provides customised design and Floodlight Installation in Australia that meets your requirements to perfection. Call us at 02 9757 1964. You can also use this online form to send us your queries.

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