Floodlight Design Sydney

Floodlight Design in Sydney- The Technicalities Involved

Floodlight Design in Sydney involves a number of aspects and you will find that very few companies specialise in this particular field. The design, installation, maintenance and repair of floodlights need expertise in structural, electrical and civil engineering. In addition, it requires experience and the ability to customise solutions for customers. Though one football, baseball or soccer field may look just like the other, the floodlighting requirements of each will be unique.

Important Factors in Play

This is because factors such as location and use affect the kind of installation that will be required. In addition to this, the factors that have to be kept in view while carrying out Floodlight Design Newcastle are:

• Glare for players as well as spectators
• Spill lighting into the neighbouring properties
• Level of competition- i.e: amateur/professional
• Type of Sport- football, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball etc
• Lighting of sponsor’s signage
• Energy Efficiency of the specific sports field lighting
• Budget of the respective Sporting Club
• Whether it’s a multipurpose grounds for many other events
• Maintenance requirements
• The actual design elements
• Other

Floodlight Design in Sydney – Our Work Process

We at Sportz Lighting are the Floodlight Design in Bathurst specialists who follow a very methodical and set approach in every project, regardless of how big or small it is:

• A Geotechnical Survey & Report will be arranged to determine the existing ground conditions
• Once this has been determined, our engineers will then design & certify the required foundation, using the most cost-effective and suitable one for your project- and could include screw piled and capped, piered, pad, grout injected, star-fins or CFA continuous flight auger designs
• We will then send out the requirement for the specialised reinforcing steel
• There will be a detailed plan set in place for placement of concrete as well as removal of the excavated material from that site
• We have specialist knowledge and proven experience in this field and can provide the best Floodlight Design in Wollongong regardless of what the ground conditions are- rock, hard, wet or soft. As a matter of fact, we can also design superb floodlight solutions for former broken landfills or rubbish tips that have to be converted to sports fields
• The design planning will include detailed plans about the headframes and assembling masts that have to be used- we always ensure that this job is carried out in-line with manufacturer’s requirements and it includes design elements required in the fitting of cross-arms, platforms, counter-weights for the mid-hinge masts, as well as the lad saf installations
• The other aspect that is kept in view while designing the floodlights installation is the aiming and fitting of floodlights. This becomes important because it will then help us decide which type of fittings and fixtures will have to be used in the installation
• The luminairs that will be used, will also need to have suitable cross-arms and there will have to be the right amount of spacing for the control gears in the pole enclosure or the base of the pole
• In addition to these aspects, the other things we take into consideration are positioning of the underground reticulation & control, main switchboard and the incoming electrical supply as well as the actual electrical installation

In many ways this becomes a highly specialised job as the design aspect involves civil, electrical as well as structural engineering knowhow. All the Floodlight Design in Australia and installation work will be carried out in compliance with the norms set by all the appropriate regulatory bodies. For more information, Call Sportz Lighting at 02 9757 1964; you can also use this online form to send us your queries.

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