Field Lighting Sydney

Field Lighting in Sydney- A Specialised Job

Field Lighting in Australia is a much needed and specialised service and not many companies handle this job. We at Sportz Lighting have been operating in this field for over 30 years and handle projects of different scales for customers across the region and from a range of industries. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company that is highly focused on providing customers with top-notch services, at very reasonable rates. Ours is a company that never compromises on quality and we never cut corners.

When Expertise and Experience Matters

Our expertise in electrical, civil and structural engineering is second to none and we are the Field Lighting in Sydney specialists who design, install, maintain and repair all types of sports field and oval lights. Not only do we handle small scale projects for local clubs that have small grounds and fields, but can tackle large-scale floodlighting projects for sporting organisations, regional and metropolitan councils across Australia.

In addition to providing the best services and using state-of-the-art equipment in our work, we also use only the most reputed brands of floodlights and related features and fixtures. This ensures the Sports Field Lights in Newcastle that we install for you, are durable and that they provide trouble-free services for years to come.

Why Choose Us?

Customers know that with us on the job, they will get:

• Customised services
• Personalised attention
• The latest technology in floodlighting
• Detailed planning
• Meticulous execution of work
• Timely installation
• Projects that are designed in compliance with AS 4282-1997 Obtrusive Light, Professional Levels of Play, AS 2560.2.3-2007 Amateur requirements
• Complete installation, maintenance, replacement and repair services as and when required
• 100% customer satisfaction
• Value for money

The Considerations

Installation of Sports Field Lights in Newcastle are a specialised job because it’s much more than just installing tall poles and mounting floodlights on it. There are a number of aspects that we take into consideration, such as:

• Glare for players as well as spectators
• Spill lighting into the neighbouring properties
• Level of competition- i.e: amateur/professional
• Type of Sport- football, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball etc
• Lighting of sponsor’s signage
• Energy Efficiency of the specific sports field lighting
• Budget of the respective Sporting Club
• Whether it’s a multipurpose grounds for many other events
• Maintenance requirements
• The actual design elements
• Other

When you want the best Football Field Lights Australia, Sportz Lighting is the only company you need to think of. We have and continue to deliver customised lighting solutions for large-area avenues and sports fields, across the country. We conduct a significant amount of research and testing of different types of lighting technology and also are completely in sync with the latest trends and technological advancements in this filed.

High Grade Solutions

When it comes to Sports Field Lights in Bathurst, the one thing that is very important is that in most instances, there is nothing temporary about these structures and so, every solution we provide keeps aspects such as durability and low-maintenance in view. We work on time-tested processes and installation methods and know exactly what precise light control is all about. You will find that when you opt for our services, you get energy-efficient solutions, which provide the highest quality of field lighting and that the glare and spill is reduced.

In addition, the results are highly affordable too. We are the experts who can provide Football Field Lights in Wollongong, that are covered with all the right warranties right from the foundation to their poletops. If you want long-lasting sports filed lighting installations from an industry leader, call Sportz Lighting at 02 9757 1964. You can also use this online form to send us your queries.

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