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Outstanding Floodlighting Services in Newcastle

For the last 30 years, Sportz Lighting has been providing customers across Australia with high grade Floodlighting Services in Sydney. We are the experts who can handle design, installation, maintenance and repair of floodlights on sports grounds and any field. Customers from across the country know that when they hire our services they are opting for the best professionals in the business. We have experienced and skilled structural, electrical and civil engineers who work in tandem to provide the best services.

Floodlight Design

When we provide you Floodlighting Services in Newcastle, there are a number of factors that have to be kept in view at the design stage, such as:

• Glare for players as well as spectators
• Type of Sport- football, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball etc
• Spill lighting into the neighbouring properties
• Lighting of sponsor’s signage
• Level of competition- i.e: amateur/professional
• Energy Efficiency of the specific sports field lighting
• Whether it’s a multipurpose grounds for many other events
• Maintenance requirements
• Budget of the respective Sporting Club
• The actual design elements

Floodlight Installation

We provide very detailed Floodlight installation services and ensure that we create the right kind of installations that make for safe facilities, not just for the competitors, but for all the spectators too and our experts:

• Survey the area
• Carry out the installation as per the approved design
• Ensure that high grade products and features are used
• The workmanship is top of the line
• The work is completed within the shortest possible time
• That the work is carried out in-line with the AS 4282-1997 Obtrusive Light, Professional Levels of Play, AS 2560.2.3-2007 Amateur requirements

Floodlight Maintenance

Once the installation has been completed, we also encourage our clients to opt for our Floodlighting Services in Bathurst that include regular checks and maintenance of all the installations. This ensures the floodlights and all the related systems stay in a good condition and work seamlessly. It also increases the longevity of the installation. You can choose between:

• One -off Servicing or Cleaning which includes detailed checks of the electrical connections, the connecting joints and bolts of the pole structure and all the bulb fittings at the top of the pole; checking the base of the installation to ensure that its foundation is strong etc
• Contractive Maintenance which includes an annual maintenance contract via which we carry out detailed checks on all the electrical, structural and civil components of the installation

Floodlight Repair

This is also a very crucial service and in case there is any damage to any component of the floodlighting installation or if some part isn’t working the way it should, we can carry out repairs in an expert manner, as part of our Floodlighting Services in Wollongong. When we are handling any repair work, we ensure that:

• Manufacture-approved components including control gears, floodlight lamps, lamp holders & accessories as well as ignitors etc are used in the work
• The work is carried out in-line with the AS 4282-1997 Obtrusive Light, Professional Levels of Play, AS 2560.2.3-2007 Amateur requirements
• The work is carried out in a trouble-free, practical and affordable manner

Why Sportz Lighting?

When you opt for our excellent Floodlighting Services in Australia, you are assured of floodlighting installations that balance performance, compliance and value. For more information about Floodlighting Services in Sydney, call Sportz Lighting at 02 9757 1964. You can also use this online form to send us your queries and we will revert within the shortest possible time.

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